On Houzez the agencies are managed as custom post type. When you add an agency, the system automatically creates the agency page (see example) that will show the agency information, the form to contact the agency, all the properties associated with the agency, all agent members and the map to locate the agency address.

In your left sidebar navigate to Agencies > Add New to add a new Agency.

1. Agency Name

Enter Title Here: Add the agency name

Locate the Featured Image box in your right sidebar. The Featured Image will be displayed as profile image or log image.

To add a featured image, simply click on Set Featured Image link inside the featured image box displayed in the screenshot above. This will open the WordPress Media Uploader. You can use that to upload an image from your computer or use an existing image from your media library.

3. Agency full description

Locate the Visual Content Editor that allows you to easily create, edit, and format the agency description content in a view similar to that of a word processor.

4. Agency information

Locate the Agency Information box where to enter all the information about the agency.

  • Email Address: Provide agent email address. All agent related messages from contact form on property details page will be sent on this email address.
  • Mobile Number: Enter the mobile number
  • Office Number: Enter the office number
  • Fax Number: Enter the fax number
  • License: Enter the license
  • Language: for example english, spanish, french
  • Tax Number: Enter agency tax number
  • Website: Enter your website URL
  • Facebook URL: Enter the Facebook URL
  • Twitter URL: Enter the Twitter URL
  • LinkedIn URL: Enter the LinkedIn URL
  • Google Plus URL Enter the Google Plus URL
  • Youtube URL Enter the Youtube URL
  • Instagram URL Enter the Instagram URL
  • Pinterest URL Enter the Pinterest URL
  • Vimeo URL Enter the Vimeo URL
  • Address: Enter agent address, it will use for invoices
  • Agency Location: Leave it empty if you want to hide map on agency detail page.

5. Publish

Locate the Publish box on the right sidebar. Use the box below to publish the agent, save as draft or preview changes.

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