The menu assigned to the Main Menu location will be also displayed as Mobile Menu. The mobile menu is available on top left corner of your page when you navigate the website with a tablet or a smartphone.

Styling mobile menu colors

To customize the mobile menu colors navigate to Theme Options > Styling > Mobile Menu

  1. Menu Background Color: Pick a background color (or Transparent)
  2. Background Color: Select Color
  3. Menu Button Color: Select Color (or Transparent)
  4. Links Color: Select Color  (or Transparent)
  5. Links Hover Color: Select Color
  6. Links Hover Background Color: Select Color
  7. Dropdown Links Color: Select Color (or Transparent)
  8. Dropdown Links Background Color: Select Color (or Transparent)
  9. Border: customize mobile navigation border line 

Mobile Menu Typography

To customize the Mobile Menu typography Navigate to Theme Options > Typograpy and locate the font options available in the image below.


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