Header is probably one of the first things you will want to set up on your website. Header consists of a series of elements such as logo, navigation menu, social icons and contact information. All these elements, such as colors, fonts, images, etc. can be customized by the Theme Option panel. 

Header style

To display the transparent header style:

  1. Navigate to Theme Options > Headers > Style 
  2. Select Header Style Four.

Note: The header style 4 is needed if you want to have the transparent header in your website

Assign transparent header to a page

  1. In your sidebar navigate to Pages and edit each page where you want to display the transparent header
  2. Check for Page Navigation Options box at the end of the page
  3. In the box find where it says Main Menu Transparent? and select Yes

Styling header colors

Before to customize header colors is important that you know which header style your website is using. If you don’t know which is one, navigate to Theme Options > Headers > Style to check the header style has been selected.

To customize header colors navigate to Theme Options > Styling > Headers and Select Header Type Header 4

Locate the Transparent Header color options as displayed in the image below.

  1. Transparent Links color: Select Color.
  2. Transparent Links Hover color: Select Color.
  3. Button Border: customize button border line 
  4. Button Border Hover Color: Select Color (or Transparent)

Create listing button colors

  1. Button Text color: Select Color
  2. Button Text Hover color: Select Color.
  3. Button Color: Select Color
  4. Button Hover Color: Select Color
  5. Button Border: customize button border line 
  6. Button Border Hover Color: Select Color (or Transparent)

Header typography

To customize the header typography Navigate to Theme Options > Typograpy and use the font options available in the Headers box.

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