Houzez can be used with Optima iHomeFinder Express Plugin which is optional and it is not necessary for the functioning of the theme. The Optima Express IDX Plugin from iHomefinder adds responsive IDX real estate search and MLS property listings to your WordPress site.

In order to use Optima Express IDX Plugin, you need to be signed up for an Optima Express account and have a monthly plan activated.

Helpful links from iHomeFinder setup guide

Optima Express plugin installation

Limitations due to the Optima Express plugin

About user interface. IDX integration mean theme work good with those third party IDX plugins but is impossible to have same page look for IDX listings, page search, property detail page and property related pages. IDX providers use iframe or shortcodes which don’t allow to change any HMTL or CSS code. It is also impossible to overwrite their HTML to make same page design like Houzez default.

About searches. Theme default searches and maps never work with IDX nor it is possible because theme searches get data from WordPress database and it is not possible to search and get data from the third party IDX provider database

This is how all WordPress themes work and in general each website that host

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