Houzez is provided with a section to manage Invoices layout options inside the Theme Options panel. When someone purchases a membership package or add a paid listing, a new invoice is generated in the system.

  • In the admin panel, you can find the invoices under the menu Houzez Invoices located on the left sidebar.
  • In the front-end, you need to create invoice page using Dashboard Invoices template to display and print the invoice file.

Invoice options

Navigate to Theme options > Invoice Options as displayed in the image below.

  • Company Logo: Upload company logo for invoices.
  • Company Name: Enter company full name
  • Company Address: Enter company address
  • Company Phone: Enter company phone number
  • Additional Info: Use this content editor box to add notes to the invoces
  • Thank You text: Enter bottom invoice message

Create a new invoice

In your left sidebar navigate to Houzez Invoices > Add New

Print or download invoice file

Once you created the invoice page using Dashboard Invoices template, is possible to access and print each invoice.

  • Click on Print Invoice button to print.

To download the file

  1. click on Print Invoice button
  2. click on Open in Preview
  3. save the PDF file.

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