Pages are the backbone of your website, and most likely you will setup several of them. There are different page templates to choose from, each serving a purpose to help you build a finished site. You can create any number of pages with content. Houzez includes several page templates to choose from, and you will need to choose the page template that suits your needs. All of this is done in the pages section of your WordPress admin.

How to create a new page

In your left sidebar navigate to Pages > Add New to create a new page. The Pages section in your admin panel is provided with the following areas displayed in the image below.

1. Page title

Enter Title Here: Add a title name for your page, then find the Page Attributes box on right side.

2. Select page template

Locate the Page Attributes box in your right sidebar

  • Parent: Set your Parent page. It’s usually set to No Parent.
  • Template: Select the page template from the Template dropdown list. To create a custom page select > Page Template if you wish to use WPBakery Visual Composer to design your page select > Visual Composer

3. Use WPBakery Visual Composer

Locate the Backend Editor button just below the page title. Click on backend editor button if you wish to customize your page with WPBakery Visual Composer.

4. Page content

Locate the Content Editor in your page. This box is available if you don’t use WPBakery Visual Composer. In this box you can add page content like text, images, etc…

5. Page template options

Locate the Page Template Options in your page just below the page content.

Use the following options to design your page

  • Page Title: Show/Hide the page title
  • Page Breadcrumb: Show/Hide the breadcumb
  • Page Sidebar: Choose to display the sidebar on right or left of the page. Select none to hide the sidebar
  • Page Background: available only if Page Sidebar is set to None. Use this option to display or hide the framed page background

6. Page header options

Houzez allows you to choose from five different Page Headers. Each Page Header has been developed for specific needs. For example, if I want a page with a map of properties, I would choose Properties Google Map. The section below will describe all of their options and functionalities. Find more information here about how to setup page header options.

Locate the Page Header Options in your page and select one of the following options:

  • Google Map
  • Image Parallax
  • Video
  • Property Slider
  • Slider Revolution

7. Page navigation options

Locate the Page Navigation Options box in your page and choose if you want to display the transparent header/menu. More information about how to setup the transparent header/menu.

8. Advanced search

Locate the Advanced Search box on the top right corner of your page. Use the Advanced Search box to overwrite global Advanced Search visibility and position and customize them for each page.

  • Advanced Search: Select if you want that this page follow Global settings or you need Custom Setting for this page
  • Search Options: Choose from Hide for this page, Show for this page or Hide bu show on scroll
  • Search Position: Choose from Under Navigation or Under Page Header banners like Google Maps, Slider Revoluiton, etc…

9. Page sidebar

Locate the Page Sidebar box on the right sidebar of your page. Use this options if you need to display a specific sidebar in your page.

  • Show Specific Sidebar? Yes/no
  • Select Sidebar: Select the sidebar you want to display with the page from the list


10. Publish

Use this box to manage publishing page options.

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