The custom fields builder allow you to add new custom fields to the property page Information tab section without touching any code. Custom fields are important if you want to customize your property information. This powerful tool allows you also to add the custom fields created to the search system creating unlimited search criteria.

How to create a new custom field

Navigate to Houzez > Fields bulder in your left sidebar and click on Add New.

After clicking on Add New you will have this form below to create custom fields.

  • Field Name: Enter the name of the custom field (For i.e. “Number of Guest” )
  • Placeholder: Enter the attribute to specify a short hint that describes the expected custom field value (For i.e. “Enter the number of guests” )
  • Type: This tool allows you to select which type of input field is needed. The input specifies an input field where the user can enter or select data.
    • Text: This type of field is for creating basic, single-line inputs.
    • Select: This type of field provides a menu of options that you will be able to create
    • Textarea: This type of field represents a multi-line input
  • Add in search: Select Yes or No if you want to display the custom filed in the search panel.

Once you have created your custom fields, navigate to Properties > Add New Property in your left sidebar and you will see they appear in the property information form. Both in the backend and frontend submission form.

Edit or delete

Once you have created your custom fields you always have the possibility to edit or delete them. Navigate to Houzez > Fields bulder in your left sidebar to display this table below. Use the edit or delete button to manage them.


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