Real estate listing has Property Features fields to describe which features they offer. You can create different and unlimited property features based on your needs.

How to create a new Property Feature

Navigate to Properties > Features in your left sidebar.

  1. Name: insert the name for your property feature like “Pool” for example.
  2. Slug: insert the slug for your property feature (optional)
  3. Parent: select parent property type if needed. Usually you don’t need to do it.
  4. Icon: assign an icon for each feature
  5. Click on Add New Feature

Add Icons to Property Features

If you wish to use icons for property features be sure you have enabled the following option. Navigate to Theme Options > Property Detail Page an locate the Property Features Icons box as displayed in the image below.

  1. Navigate to Properties > Features in your left sidebar and add or edit a Property Feature.
  2. Find the Icon field as displayed in the image below.
  3. Add icon code. For example, if an icon is named ‘fa-angle-right’ (, the value you have to add inside the field is ‘angle-right’.

Note about Feature Icons: Houzez is compatible with Font Awesome v.4.7.0. The entire list of icons can be found at FontAwesome project page.

Property Features on the Search System

When you add a new Property Feature it will be available also as a filter inside the search system under the Advanced menu.

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