Houzez allows you to select which mapping system you want to use in your website. The mapping system available are:

  • Google Maps – Paid
  • OpenStreetMap – Free
  • Mapbox – Free

Few words about Google Maps

Using Google Maps to a certain degree is free even if you use map viewing through API. Google will give you $200 credit each month from which you can utilize for API displays/calls. A $200 credit means that you can, for example, load 100,000 static maps, or 28,000 dynamic maps, etc. for free. A detailed table of pricing can be found here.

From Houzez .1.6.4 we’ve made considerable changes to the code that manages Google Maps API. Our goal was to minimize the number of calls to Google Maps APIs to minimize service costs as much as possible.

A majority of our customers are using Google Maps for free as Google is providing a $200 monthly credit which will more than cater for most business’ use of the service, and the Houzez code is optimized to not exceed the $200 free monthly credit offered by Google Maps.

How to select the Map System

In your left sidebar, navigate to Theme Options > Map Settings and locate the map system you would like to use.


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