The Price Table module allows you to publish the Membership Packages that you have previously created in Houzez Packages. To use the Price Table module be sure that you are working on a Visual Composer page template.

Add the Price Table module to a page

Activate the Visual Composer Editor clicking on Backend Editor. Locate the Backend Editor button just below the page title. After clicking on the Backend Editor button you will see the WPBacker Page Builder section appear.


Use the button + Add Element to start to design your page and add content blocks or rows to your page.

  1. Select By Favethemes
  2. Click on Price Table module to place the module on the page.

Price Table module settings

Once you have placed the module on the page, edit the module to access pop up settings panel displayed in the image below.

  1. Select Package: choose the package that you want to show in this module.
  2. Data Type: choose between Get Data from Package or Add Custom Data (in this second case you’ll have to add information to customize your price table module, see screenshot below).
  3. Popular: enable or disable popular feature.

If you choose Add Custom Data, follow these instructions:

  1. Popular: enable or disable the popular feature.
  2. Package Name: write the name of your services package
  3. Package Price: write the price of your package (IE  49)
  4. Package Decimal: enter price decimal (IE .99 so you’ll have a price 49.99)
  5. Package Currency: choose currency symbol
  6. Content: add more information into the edit area as a bullet list
  7. Button Text: add a call to action text on package button


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